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Societa Caruso

Societa Caruso

Societa Caruso

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The permanent photographic exhibition, also known as the Sudbury Italian Millennium Project, documents the many aspects of the Italian presence in the Sudbury region. The exhibition is divided into six main themes. Figures 1 to 11 deal with the voyage of Italians to the Sudbury area. Figures 12 to 105 document the evolution of the Italian communities in the Sudbury region (including the outlying areas of Copper Cliff, Coniston, Garson and Creighton Mine). The formation of local Italian associations and community leadership are covered in figures 106 to 335. Italians in the work place are depicted in figures 336 to 391, while the preservation of Italian cultural traditions is the theme of figures 392 to 524. The final theme, figures 525 to 593, illustrates the presence of Italians in the world of sports. Ideally, one should peruse the photo exhibition with the accompanying book, Italian Faces: Images of the Italian Community of Sudbury

The exhibition is the result of the work completed by the “Italian Millennium Group of Sudbury”, founded in 1999 and composed of members representing the various Italian associations in the Sudbury area. The members include: Luigi Buttazzoni, Vittorio Centis, Erminio Cozzarini, Diana Iuele-Colilli (Project Leader), Bernice Manoni, Egidio Manoni, Ofelia Morassutti, Reta Rinaldi, Leo Silvestri and Adler Volpini.

The project was financially supported by the Millennium Bureau of Canada, the New Ontario Trillium Foundation, and the Municipality of Sudbury in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Recreation, Culture and Citizenship.

Officially opened – November 17, 2000

Millennium ProjectMillennium Project:
Inaugural Placques Società Caruso Main Foyer

Millennium ProjectThe arrival in Sudbury (Main Foyer stairs)

Millennium ProjectThe Creation of Italian Communities in Sudbury (Main Foyer stairs)

Millennium Project The Birth of Italian Associations in Sudbury (Main Office, Ristorante Enrico)

Millennium Project Italians in the Workforce (Ristorante Enrico)

Millennium Project Maintaining Italian Traditions in Canada (Ristorante Enrico)

Millennium Project Italians and the Arts (Ristorante Enrico)

Millennium Project

Millennium Project Italians in Sports (Members’ Lounge)

Millennium Project Visitors from Italy (Ristorante Enrico)

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